Ramadan: a pillar of Islam simplified

Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims across the globe, is often left unexplained to the rest of the world. The word “Ramadan” refers to the ninth month in the
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The Wimbledon Diet: What Type of Foods Fuel our Favourite Tennis Players?

This year’s Wimbledon tournament has started. For the next two weeks, we all become tennis fans and avidly follow the successes and defeats of the players, marveling at the
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Avoiding Self-Sabotage
19 June, 2014

Avoiding Self-Sabotage: How to Successfully Reach your Goals and not Succumb to Instant Gratification: A Guide by ‘The Green Rooms’

Working towards and achieving our goals is very important to our sense of well-being. Whether we are embarking on a fitness programme, studying, saving for a large purchase or
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Beating Bullying: A Guide by ‘The Green Rooms’

Bullying can affect us at any time in our lives, either through our own experiences or those of a loved one. Bullying can cause significant trauma and distress to
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Panic Attacks- How to Cope: A Self-Help Guide by ‘The Green Rooms’

Stressful situations are a part of our everyday lives, and we all experience moments of anxiety or panic in response to being exposed to stressful or dangerous circumstances. However,
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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? A ‘The Green Rooms’ Guide

Embarking on counselling or psychotherapy can be quite a daunting prospect for many people, particularly when you are not sure what to expect or what is involved. Counselling and
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How to Choose the Right Counsellor or Psychotherapist for you: A ‘The Green Rooms’ Guide

When embarking on counselling or psychotherapy it is important that you feel safe with your therapist and feel comfortable discussing your issues with her/him. Here is a quick guide
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