We’ve had Wimbledon, the World Cup and we’re now in the thick of preparations for the Commonwealth Games.

Sporting events have been everywhere this summer, and while many of us are embracing the excitement of watching the athletes compete, for those who don’t enjoy watching or participating in sports, the sporting schedule can feel like an overload. Here are a few tips for surviving the summer of sport:

  • Watch a film: just as the summer is the ideal time for sporting events, it is also the time when many of the year’s blockbuster films are released in the cinema. With releases to suit all tastes, it is the ideal activity to escape from the world of sport for a few hours.
  • Read a book: what better way to achieve a bit of escapism than to engross yourself in the world of your favourite literary characters?
  • Take in a show or a concert: the summer months boast several music festivals and events all over the UK. If sport isn’t your thing, music could end up being your greatest summer ally!
  • Get together with your fellow sport-haters: arrange a night with your like-minded friends and family where the mention of any sort of sport is banned!
  • Get away from the TV, radio & internet and go outdoors: while the weather is never our most reliable companion during the summer, there’s bound to be at least a couple of days when the sun makes an appearance. Make the most of it! Whether it’s a day at the beach or at the park, or even a walk in the sun, reminding yourself that there is more to the summer than sport will allow you to enjoy it that little bit more.
  • Embrace health and fitness: while it is hard to be enthusiastic about the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games when we don’t enjoy sport, watching everyone else get involved can encourage us to participate and get healthy. Whether it’s a short walk or jog, or taking up a new sport you have never tried before, the sporting events this summer are an ideal excuse to take up some positive, healthy habits.