Throughout the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow has charmed the sporting world. We have watched as our city has welcomed some of the world’s best athletes. The star of the show, though, has undoubtedly been Glasgow, and the games have left behind a city full of proud Glaswegians.

The Commonwealth Games opened in style with dancing teacakes, a Loch Ness monster sculpture, and Scottie dogs. In a splash of colour and music, we celebrated all things Scottish. Over the duration of the games, we watched as some of the most gifted athletes in the world ran and cycled through our streets. As we watched the events in some of Glasgow’s most iconic arenas, the atmosphere was infectious. Glasgow is famous around the world for its welcoming and friendly nature and we didn’t disappoint at the Commonwealth Games.

Whether it’s our famous architecture, our traditions, or our friendly banter, there is much to be proud of in Glasgow. At The Green Rooms we are proud of our Glasgow roots!