Trauma Incident Reduction Appointments and Fees

Trauma Incident Reduction appointments are most commonly ‘in-person’, although Video Call appointments can work for some clients.

The first appointment is 60 minutes long. This is when you and your therapist will agree on what issues you will be working with. This appointment fee is £85 and subsequent appointment fees are £85 per hour pro-rata. N.b. Appointments which begin before 9am or end after 5pm incur a 10% fee.

Appointments can be 1 hour or 1.5 hours in duration. This will be pre-agreed by you and your therapist, and will be based on what feels most helpful for you.

Our offices are in Newton Mearns and Glasgow. Telephone, video call and home visit sessions may be available if you are not able to reach us. If you would like a home-visit, the price is dependent on the location – please contact us to discuss.