Business Partnerships

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How do we Build a Successful Business Partnership?

Businesses are most successful when the people in charge work well together. Whether you have been in business for a long time or are just starting out, it makes sense to understand what:

  1. you are able to give to your business
  2. you can expect from your Business Partner(s).

With this knowledge, arrangements and agreements can be made to optimize productivity.

We can support you and your business partner(s) to answer these questions, compromise, and support each other. 

Is it Time to Make Changes to your Business?

Perhaps you and your business partner(s) are working well together, but you are unsure if the direction you’re heading is still the best fit.

Often our visions and projections are different than the reality they become. Sometimes they are even better than we had imagined, but often the challenges of staffing concerns, changes to the economy and personal issues can cause unforeseeable issues.  

We offer Coaching to support you and your business partner(s) to reflect on where your business currently sits, where you want it to be, what is standing in your way, and options for positive change.

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Would Team Building Sessions Help to Improve your Business?

Team building sessions are available. Please contact us to discuss.

Where is Business Partnership Coaching Available?

Our offices are in Newton Mearns and Glasgow. Telephone, video call and home visit appointments are available if you are not able to reach us.

Business Coaching

Is Business Partnership Coaching Confidential?

Your confidentiality is taken very seriously and will only be broken in extreme circumstances. For more information see our client agreement.

Our Coaches are all members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), or, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA).

The relevant code of ethics is always adhered to. We have a choice of coaches who are BACP accredited.