Sole Trader Coaching

Being a sole trader can be the perfect balance between working when suits you, and earning enough to meet your needs. It can also be a huge source of stress when you feel pressure to work more than is healthy in order to maintain and build build your business.

In the beginning you had a vision of what your business would look like, and what lifestyle this would give you. Perhaps that vision is still the one you aspire to, but you’re feeling stuck. Perhaps the reality is that the vision needs to change, but you’re not sure exactly how to progress.

We offer Coaching to support you to reflect on where your business currently sits, where you want it to be, what is standing in your way, and options for positive change.

Where is Sole Trader Coaching Available?

Our offices are in Newton Mearns and Glasgow. Telephone, video call and home visit appointments are available if you are not able to reach us.

Is Sole Trader Coaching Confidential?

Your confidentiality is taken very seriously and will only be broken in extreme circumstances. For more information see our client agreement.

Our Coaches are all members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), or, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA).

The relevant code of ethics is always adhered to. We have a choice of coaches who are BACP accredited.