Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the Changing Seasons – A ‘The Green Rooms’ Guide

Summer turns into Autumn As we move away from the summer months, we are likely beginning to notice the days getting shorter and the weather becoming colder. The arrival
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Suicide Baiting – What is it & why does it happen?

The Malicious Encouragement of Suicide A Recent Case Study On July 4th 2015, the M3 at Sunbury in Surrey had to be closed for two hours as police dealt
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Crowd Psychology: Why do we Behave Differently in a Crowd?

When you are part of a crowd do you feel any different than normal? Does the crowd bring out a usually-hidden side of you? Unusual feelings or behaviours? If
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Pet Therapy for Kids: The Difference a Dog Makes

If you’ve ever found comfort from a pet or animal, we’re sure you’ll find this inspiring. Animals can be so gentle and loving, and can bring real love and
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colour paint splashes
13 February, 2014

Life in Glorious Technicolour – the link between Colour and Emotion – A ‘The Green Rooms’ Report

Would you like us to tell you when we publish new research and articles? Email us. Seeing red? Green with envy? Feeling blue? We’re all familiar with these expressions,
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