Adjusting to your New Life

At The Green Rooms we aim to provide our services to anyone who requires them, no matter how far away they are. Moving to a new area or country can be a life-changing experience but it can also be very challenging. As you adjust to a new life, this can bring up many emotions that can be difficult to deal with.

Our Culture gives us a Sense of Belonging and Familiarity

When moving to a new country or a new area, we are essentially leaving the culture and environment we are familiar with behind, in favour of a new culture, with different people and customs that we are not used to. The physical and emotional upheaval of moving to an unfamiliar area can cause a great deal of anxiety as we adjust to this new way of life, and it is easy to feel isolated and alone as we try to settle into a life we are not yet used to.

Counselling via Telephone and Video Call

At The Green Rooms, we aim to provide Counselling and Psychotherapy for anyone who has moved abroad or who is living in communities where access to these services can be limited. Although our offices are based in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow, we also carry out consultations and sessions over the phone or via video call for anyone unable to come to our offices. We can help you adjust to your new life and the emotions and issues that come with moving away from your familiar surroundings.