Suicide Baiting – What is it & why does it happen?

The Malicious Encouragement of Suicide A Recent Case Study On July 4th 2015, the M3 at Sunbury in Surrey had to be closed for two hours as police dealt
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Crowd Psychology: Why do we Behave Differently in a Crowd?

When you are part of a crowd do you feel any different than normal? Does the crowd bring out a usually-hidden side of you? Unusual feelings or behaviours? If
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Halloween Costumes – What do they say about us?

Whether it’s Trick or Treating, dooking for apples or watching our favourite horror films, as October 31st approaches we will be starting to prepare for our Halloween traditions. One
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Avoiding Self-Sabotage
19 June, 2014

Avoiding Self-Sabotage: How to Successfully Reach your Goals and not Succumb to Instant Gratification: A Guide by ‘The Green Rooms’

Working towards and achieving our goals is very important to our sense of well-being. Whether we are embarking on a fitness programme, studying, saving for a large purchase or
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How to Cope with Feeling Lonely: A Self-Help Guide by ‘The Green Rooms’

Loneliness is an emotion which we have all likely experienced at some point in our lives. The feeling of being alone with no one to turn to is something
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halloween pumpkin
19 February, 2014

Halloween, The Day of the Dead & All Saints Day – A ‘The Green Rooms’ Cultural Study

One need not be a chamber to be haunted One need not be a house; The brain has corridors surpassing Material place. Emily Dickinson   Why do we still
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Fear of Dentists - NLP
13 February, 2014

Fear – Why it is such a Powerful Emotion – A ‘The Green Rooms’ Report

Would you like us to tell you when we publish new research and articles? Email us. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified
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